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The Ultimate Shred Diet – Full Review

foto lean body after wards Still looking for a diet to lose your weight as fast as possible?

Well, what about the lately popular shred diet? Does it live up to its promises or is it just another diet gimmick?

Attention, his is a review: Click here to visit the Shred Diet Website

In my now legendary health reviews breakdown I´ll go deep the valley of weight loss land and not shy away from ugly dragons spitting cheap talk on how to shred fat quickly until the job is done.

I´ll drag them down from their mountain tops health guru lofts into the realities of you and I tired of yoyo dieting and non-performing weight loss miracle pills, not to mention offerings of resistance workouts and the likes only for people already in great shape.

Are you ready for the good, bad and ugly comprehensive review of the shred diet plan?

Then just hold on no more as I sharpen the sword once again, pen down the truth about abdominals, slender body and happier you, using this diet method or not? You´llfigure it out all out here, right now…


Dr. Ian Smith Explains Revolutionary Diet Program

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Step 1: How does the 30 day diet plan works?

First of all, although the diet meal for shred dieting is widely known as a 30 day one, it is in fact, a 6 week diet plan.

To follow the diet you have to purchase the book by Dr. Ian Smith who penned down the entire nutrition plan.

Inside the book you´ll then find out the entire shred meal plan for the dieting period of six consecutive weeks.

The book in itself contains a lot of valuable site notes for the diet beginner and the veterans too (Do I see you nodding here)?

So, basically you follow the plan day in, day out and eat the foods recommended as long as there are health-wise safe. Contact your medical advisor or a dietarian when in doubt.

Weekly Diet Program Breakdown:

Week #1: The Prime – an intro into the shred diet

Week #2: The Challenge – diet reduction and other new things you have to get right to make it work

Week #3: The Transformation – from here on, there is no turning back and results starts to show up as you fight through

Week #4: The Ascend – from now on you are unstoppable as you´ve “confused” (see far below) and climbed the fitness and health ladder

Week #5: The Detox – time to clean out the garbage out of your sacred house aka my body

Week #6: Holistic diet and lifestyle integration, this is the final and new beginning of the new you as well


Step 2: How does shred dieting affects your body?

Depending on a few key variables like age, gender, weight and height you might get different results.

The input (meal plan) and the output (final weight) depend not only of you closely following the shred nutrition program as recommended but by additionally adding a supporting workout routine weekly.

The exercise is necessary because you consume more or less natural foods you may already use in your daily life.

In other words, if you do not do the exercising you might as well gain weight instead of losing it, so do it.

The weekly body training should be around 3-4 hours. If you follow it, you should, as Dr. Ian Smith suggest, drop weight and get your beach body or at least closer to your ideal body then before.

Can you then lose 2 sizes, 4inches in 6 weeks as the dieting plan suggests?

Yes and no, someone who has used it says she lost 27lbs within a month. However, read the entire review to get a deeper understanding of this diet solution.


Step 3: Foods to eat and the confusing diet

According to Dr. Smith your body weight is a result not only of how you treat it, but what you usually eat.

What does that mean?

Your body, just like when you work out at the gym, eventually gets use to what you do to it /consuming certain foods regularly) and adjust your weight, metabolism to that nutrition types and levels.

Getting rid of those critical last pounds that show off your six-pack abs, thin legs or fatless arms, is then nearly impossible because your body has “adjusted” towards the regular stuff you eat.

Like lifting weights or cardio intense training the only way to trigger increased metabolism to burn e.g. that stubborn belly fat causing you another summer season at the beach, is by changing / variation the exercises.

This way you force your muscles to be flexible and use all parts of the body to push through and get results.

The same way does the so-called confusing diet within Dr. Ian Smiths fat loss program work.

You drop the last 10-20 pounds by getting in the core of the body with weekly exchangeable workouts and a mixed-up shred plan in your diet.

This is the revolutionary part of the diet and indeed a new medical approach to a slender you.


Step 4: Are there any side-effects to consider?

The shred diet doesn´t recommend any diet supplements at all. You eat natural foods and drink juices in sufficient measures, depending on your height you may need to adjust accordingly.

Therefore, in case you don´t have any health issues like allergic against recommended parts of the meals, and then you should be safe.

Moreover, if you follow the training routine as well and generally avoid to deviate from the diet plan to shed weight and develop your long-dreamed tight abs or get rid of double chin, then everything should be save.

People with health problems I highly recommend to contact a health professional before going through this new losing weight program.

Step 5: Which is better, Dr. Ian Smith´s or Jillian Michaels 30 day plan?

To be honest I haven´t look deeply into Jillian Michaels diet program. Both are shred diet plans for fast results.

A six week plan may natural produce desired result slower than a strictly 4 week one; however the depth, professionalism and high numbers of participants for the more popular one have its own weight.

You can alternatively get both of them or if I find the time may contact or otherwise try to figure out more about Jillian Michaels´ solution.


The Bad Points

The shred plan is to be followed as is in order to work. You can´t stop and continue anytime, since you are eating meals of up to 2,000 calories a day, although most of the times it might be around 1,500, depending on gender, height and so on.

The fast diet plan is comprehensive and leaves little room for variations in terms of foods to consume and juices to drink.

If you are disciplined enough though, you can make it. Lastly, the shred dieting plan is meant to enable you to slim down quickly within a six week period.

Eating alone is not enough. A weekly exercise program is necessary to make it work. Although this is a great and maybe inconvenient truth about losing weight, it may deter some of you to try it out.


The Good Points

Dr. Ian Smith has been as honest as possible, which is in the diet and weightloss world not necessarily common, although a must.

The nutrition plan is easy to understand and follow, if you can follow plans. Furthermore, the diet is from an expert in health and nutrition.

On top of that, this shredding 6 week diet program cleanses your body from toxic we all harbor, especially after consuming dangerous foods previous the shred.

One thing that can´t be denied is also the fact that this diet solution fits woman as it does for men unlike many others.


Final word

Finally, the holistic approach (foods and exercise, detox and no pills) is a fresh approach in the too often narrow this or that health and fitness world.

Your body is a result thousand years of evolution. In order to function properly (meaning medically healthy) it need to get the right foods and exercises.

Modern life, hopping from bed to a car seat, work / office chair and back to the sofa, ain´t necessarily the built-in plan.

Dr. Ian Smith recognizes this implicitly within his weight loss program and integrates the healthy approach for your ideal weight and happy smile at the front of any mirror.

Follow the plan and you should get your results.


Click Here to Go to the Official Book Site

Take action now and stay healthy!

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