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The Omni Nutrition Diet – The Full Review

Hey, Bill here again.

Fellow dieters, first of all thank you for visiting this website. It´s finally here – no time to waste, so…

“Here is the Most Comprehensive Online Review of the Omni Diet Plan”

No need to think or research endlessly, get the ugly truth and real results on this new weight loss diet hype right here, before you buy in.

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Before, we get into the nitty gritty: What is in fact the Omni Diet?

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In short, the Omni nutrition diet is culmination of Tana Amen, the author of the health book, life experiences and research while looking for a lasting solution to her serious health problems.

She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and the doctors left her more or less lonely to make sense and change about it. They told her things like family history, genetic predisposition, and the like were responsible and should had to “deal with it”.

Tana was and is a strong women who didn´t rest, until she could find a solution that will also help her live a healthier life, lose weight, keep it and succeed.

Omni diet was born.


How Does the Diet Works? – Q & A Section

What is the difference between the paleo and raw diets? How does omni meal diet compares to them?

Omni dieting is fine with the popular paleo diet. In plain English, you can use omni diet while on paleo.

That being said, the omni dieting plan is different in that it focuses on the plant and protein balance. To be precisely, 70% plant and 30% proteins, that´s the omni meal dieting plan.

Moreover, Tana Amen´s diet plan is a prescriptive one where you get an exact step-by-step food and drinks list to follow, in order to succeed with your food regimen and diet.

In other words, you get the diet recipes and the swaps to make sense and follow an exact plan instead of guessing what to eat to shed the extra pounds.

On top of all that you don´t get just a recipes list, but think of it like a roadmap you can use daily, no matter if you are on a trip, or dieting alone or within a group (e.g. family members, friends, and so on).

Lastly, the omni nutrition diet by Tana Amen comes with an accompanying exercise, because as you may know by now, no workout or diet will ever make you lose those last stubborn fat around your chin, legs or waistline, unless you practice.

Core strengthening exercises that go deep into the muscles cells, trigger the necessary calories burn to build muscles. A diet is most of the times not enough to achieve that.

We can sum this part up by saying the omni plant and proteins diet is rather a holistic lifestyle diet than a quick weight lose dieting plan.

On the other hand, the plain paleo nutrition plan is simply spoken, just about eating plants and proteins.


The Bad Points

Sure enough, the omni diet plan is far from a perfect dieting solution for everything and everyone.

The healthy lifestyle approach of the diet that is emphasized on throughout the book and materials by Amen has its downside.

The downside lies in the inability of the author to point out that the healthy diet plan could be a little bit costly for some of us.

Moreover, the recipes lists can be quite long which makes the meal preparing of the omni nutrition required lil´ bit harder to make.

Many of us are full time working and cannot afford to every time gather a long food list, not to mention the necessary time to prepare, ie.e. healthy smoothie shakes, cook the balanced plants and proteins recommended.

One last and important thing I would like to mention is that this lifestyle diet may be hard to comply with if you are a 100% vegetarian, since meat is part of this supposedly low fat diet.

You can, of course, skip that part, as nuts, grains, seeds or diaries are part of the diet program, however this is a full review, so I have to look at it from every possible angle.


The Good Points

Key of this diet system is that is seems to be working. Whether you are a brand new beginner of dieting or a vet like me, the prescriptive diet is well laid out and easy to understand as long as you are disciplined enough to go through it.

You just follow Tana Amen as she shows you step-by-step what to do to in order to cut weight by using her omni hgi diet which helped her not just slim down, but detox using food as a medicine, so to speak.

Furthermore, the meal and exercise plan works conflict-free with the paleo diet, so if you´ve tried that one out or are still using it, you can mix it in with zero problems. In fact, as you´ve read above, omni meal is more of a lifelong diet you can keep.

The seventy percent plant and thirty percent protein mix is the secret of this natural weight loss program. Proteins are essential indeed as they help the body cope with muscle loss during dieting.

You can see that Amen is a nurse by profession and the fact that she suffered from a serious illness, makes her of course somehow more believable that she takes things serious and professional to help fellow dieters and exercising hobby athletes push through and succeed.

The fact that her husband, Dr Amen, is a medical practitioner and expert as well, further prove the case for her work on the field of healthy dieting and fitness routine.

The diet recipes are straight forward and force you to see the entire food chain and industry with different eyes. The drugs-driven health industry is under fire as the omni health diet program unearths natural foods to cure your illnesses from malnutrition.


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Final Word

My fellow yoyo dieters, here we are, finally coming to an end of the omni nutrition diet review. All things said, we can sum it up by saying this is one fine-tuned diet plan for the health seeking individual and as well as a families.

This is a new twist of the paleo diet program, whereby the food balance and entire healthy lifestyle is outlined in a how – to, easy to understand manner.

The diet gives you more energy throughout your busy day and helps you find a healthy sleep which is very important in order to maintain your new lower weight while your food regimen is dramatically improving your body, your health, your life.

If you like to know how it feels to taste delicious high-end foods that nurture, protect, and improve your health for a long time come, then  it´s time to take this information the next level.

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After this truly comprehensive review, it´s about time to check the rest of the info from Tana´s powerful fat loss routine and natural health lifestyle solution.


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